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A guide in order (not) to get lost in the narrow streets among the citrus gardens!

Kampos of Chios offers countless options for walking in the narrow streets that connect the citrus gardens and the estates with the high stonewalls.


The area has low traffic so it is also nce to cycle around. The natural environment and the traditional architecture with genovese influences is more than impressive. Kampos is a uniquely and ideally combines a very particular urban architecture with the preservation of natural environment, where citrus gardens prevail.  

There are so many different routes you can follow! We suggest to start from Riziko a traditional Kampos mansion that operates as a hotel.
You will come across the beautiful small church of Panagia Syriotissa, and start walking by the torrent Kokalas, along the stone paved Karava street.
On your walk you will encounter Karava Estate with its impressive gate, the magnificent mansion and the paved yard, with black and white pebbles that create elaborate designs, according to the local craft. At Kampos estates, that belonged to local aristocracy in the 18th and 19th century, it was customary to mark the birth of a child by [planting a tree. You will often spot exotic trees, that the trading families would bring from abroad, at the gardens of the estates.

Turn left towards the well preserved Kolakis Mansion. After walking by Galatoulas and Mylonadis Mansions, you will reach Mavrokordatiko, which was built in the 14th century. The tower, known as the Mavrokordatos Tower, was completed in 1736.

Going on southwards, you will pass by the street leading to St. George Stafylas, and come across Mitarakis Mansion, which belonged to the painter Yanis Mitarakis. The estate has one of the most beuatiful gates of Kampos.

Turn to Vitiadis street, to see Vitiadis Mansion and the chapel of Panagia Pachia, which has an impressive black and white pebbled yard. This mansion is not preserved, but you can still feel its grandeur and imagine the period of its glory. After Vitiadis mansion you will see Perleas, a beautiful traditional hotel, with a well kept citrus orchard and a gorgeous patio. Perleas often hosts culural events, so the public can visit and enjoy the beauty of this estate. For example, the Chios Half Marathon race route crosses Perleas citrus orchard. During the summer weeekends, they often open their cafe to the public, offering coffee or brunch.

At the end of Vitiadou street, you will reach the busier road of Agios Minas. Turn right and walk a littel bit before entering a quieter street, namely Giazou street, heading to Argenti street and Citrus Memories Space. This is an open for visitors estate, which also features a small museum dedicated to Kampos area, its history, architecture and social and productive organisation. You can enjoy your coffee, as well as try some of the traditional citrus preserves that are produced here by Citrus company.
Citrus Museum
After Citrus, you will reach Argentikon Estate, the most luxurious and famous of Kampos estates, which operates as a luxury hotel. Note the elaborate gates and the imposing stonewalls. 

Argentikon is more than a luxury hotel. It is one of the oldest estates of the area, part of its history and an exquisite example of the architecture and grandeur of Kampos aristocracy, which dated back to the Genovese years. 


Head back, through Kalaroni Street which will take you again to the main road of Agios Minas. Turn left and then right to Karava street, where you will reach the starting point of this small tour. After you finish the tour, you can visit Thymiana village to admire the main church of Agios Efstratios, an impressive church built with the local reddish Thymiana stone and featuring an impressive yard decorated with black and white pebbles, according to the local tradition. Thymiana is a great spot for eating out, too, since it has a lot of taverns and restaurants to choose from. 

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