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Vrontados, Lagada, Kardamyla:

get to know the villages connected to Chios maritime tradition

The wild and pristine landscape of northeast Chios and its unique villages will amaze you. Apart from the villages of Pelinnaio, during this tour you will get the chance to visit Kardamyla, Lagada and Vrontados, Chios island’s famous maritime villages, where the majority of the people still work in the merchant navy as captains and engineers. The maritime traidtion is deeply inscribed in the architecture and social organsiation of these villages. 


Let’s start our tour from the north, from Kampia village. It will take about one hour and fifteen minutes to drive there from Chios town. The drive is scenic, passing through pine trees. On arrival at the village, you can admire the wonderful view of the Aegean sea. At Kampia, you can explore Kampia ravine, a walking path that connects the village to the seaside. It takes about 1 ½ hour of walking thrugh thick vegetation of pines, plane trees and wild rose bushes, along the river. Cross the arched bridge and pass by the small waterfall, reaching through citrus orchards Kampia beach. If you are a large group with two cars, we suggest to leave one car at the end of the path, so you can drive back. If not, walking to the beach and back is not difficult. 


Leaving Kampia, drive south towards Kardamyla. You will pass from the small villages of Viki and Amades, where you can enjoy a coffee at the village square. If you happen to be there in June, we suggest to try the local cherries.  


At Kardamyla, the village of captains, make sure to walk around Ano Kardamyla, the oldest part of the village, which is more traditional, with narrow streets and stone built houses.

Kato Kardamyla or Marmaro are the seaside part of the village, where you will see the sculpture dedicated to the Sailor lost at Sea and the Windmills. If you stay for a coffee at a local kafeneion, you will come across older - now retired - mariners, more than glad to share stories of their travels and life at sea. For lunch, depending on your preference, you can choose Ano Kardamyla for more traditional dishes and Maramaro restaurants for seafood.


Of course, if seafood is the question, almost always Lagada village is the answer. The picturesque port of the village, with lovely safood restaurants, a small pine forest that reaches the sea shore and the view to the east with the complex of Oinousses islands so close to perfection. There is no doubt why Lagada’s cafes and restaurants are a favourite choice of locals and Chios visitors.


An equally favourite seafood destination is Pantoukios, a small part after Lagada, as we head to town. Just before, you can stop at Agios Isidoros chapel, one of the most romantic and  famous spots of Chios island.


On the way back, a good idea would be to stop at Daskalopetra in Vrontados. You can relax at the beach there, or enjoy your coffee and mastiha icecream at one of the cafes of the area. Alternatively, now is a chance to pay a visit to the mythical Homer’s Stone, the ancient sanctuary of  the goddess Cybele, which according to local tradition was also the School of Homer, where the great poet taught the Iliad and the Odyssey to his students.


Our tour can end with a stop at another landmark spot of Chios island, as we approach the the town centre, namely the Chios Windmills. The majority of Chios visitors make sure to take a photo there, to remember their Chios trip.


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