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( Vasileioniko, Chalkeios, Ververato, Dafnonas, Vaviloi, Zifias, Agios Georgios Sykousis )

Το Χαλκειός Χίου βρίσκεται 7 χιλιόμερα νοτιοδυτικά της πόλης της Χίου

Vasileioniko - Chalkeios - Ververato - Dafnonas

Vasileioniko is a large semi mountainous villages, near Kampos area, built in a site with almond trees, olive trees and citrus trees. There are many abandoned towers in the village. The village church is St George and celebrates on April 23rd.

Chalkeios is at the centre of the Kampochora are and it is known for farming products, such as a local variety of peas. The old town hall used to be a school. It also has some beautiful churches: Agia Paraskevi and The Dormition of the Virgin, whereas at the entrance of the village there is the Monastery of Agia Skepi.

Ververato is a village worth visiting in order to admire the lovely view from the hill of Petranas area. The church village is dedicated to St. Marina and celebrates on July 17th.

Dafnonas is a semi mountainous village, built amphitheatrically with a view to Kampos area and the east coast of Chios island. It is said that the original site of the village was somewhere else, and that it moved there around 1.000 AD. There are many medieval relics to be found around the village, such as the Lavrina Tower and relics of a castle at the centre of the village. There are many water springs in the area. Nea Moni Monastery, a UNESCO monument, and the most important monastery of the island, is at a close distance.

Το χωριό των Βαβύλων στην Κεντρική Χίο

Vaviloi - Zifias - Agios Georgios Sykousis

Vaviloi village is a small village of the Kampochora area, with houses with impressive doors, each with a different coat of arms. The church of Panagia Krina, an important byzantine monument of the 13th century is near and worth a visit. You can spot old Genovese mansions among the gardens and citrus trees. A very special site is the chapel of Ypapanti village, decorated by American muralist Mary Fraser, as a gift to the people of Chios, when she stayed on Chios island in the 60s. 

Zifias is a smalla village with narrow alleys and closely built houses. The church village is Agia Paraskevi and it celebrates on July 26th.

Agios Georgios Sykousis, mountainous, picturesque and amphitheatrically built, is one of the largest villages of Kampochora area. The Byzantine church of Agios Georgios (St. George) is worth visiting, as it is built like the Nea Moni Katholikon. It is also worth seeing St. George’s stone, thw picturesque windmills, and the stone built houses and arched alleyways. Don’t miss the Souma Fest that takes place every year in early August, celebrating the local spirit distilled from figs in traditional distilleries. The village is also known for the traditional carnival events that take place here. Also, it is a village that preserves Chios music tradition with many young people learning the traditional musical instruments “tsabouna” and “toubi”.

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