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Ο περίφημος Κάμπος στην κεντρική Χίο διατηρεί αναλλοίωτα εντυπωσιακά αρχοντικά


Kampos is one of the most distinctive areas in Chios. It is a unique residential complex, where the natural environment is in total harmony with the local architecture. It lies at a 6-kilometre-distance south of town, and is widely known for the impressive mansions with their citrus fruits gardens.

The area is protected by the Greek Ministry for Culture, as a historic site and traditional settlement. The high walls made of the local reddish stone from Thimiana village protect the gardens of citrus fruits from extreme weather conditions, but also from prying eyes. The Genoese and local aristocracy of Chios started building their mansions in the area in the 14th century.

Don’t forget:

  • Spend some nights at a traditional Kampos guesthouse
  • Visit a citrus garden
  • Cycle around narrow alleys in the citrus gardens
  • Discover restaurants in Kampos which offer local dishes
  • Taste sweet spoon preserves, a local traditional recipe
  • The route of Chios half Marathon, a race that takes place every year in Kampos, includes running in citrus gardens and patios of impressive mansions.
  • Chios Music Festival holds some events in Kampos estates.
Ένα από τα πιο ξακουστά μέρη της Χίου, ο Βροντάδος διακρίνεται για το έθιμο του Ρουκετοπόλεμου το βράδυ της Ανάστασης.


At a five km distance from Chora, Vrontados is now a suburb of Chios town. It is known for the long maritime tradition, with a lot of Greek shipping families coming from here. Also, a lot of people still work in the merchant navy. Vrontados has gained fame because of the impressive Easter tradition of the Rocketwar. The windmills at the main road and the folklore museum of the Fioproodos Omilos Vrontadou Association are worth visiting. At the north lies Daskalopetra, the archaeological site of the temple of Cybele, which according to tradition was the place where Homer, the poet of the Iliad and the Odyssey, used to teach.
A little bit further, you can find the grave of Yiannis Psicharis, the great 19th cent. Author, professor and modern greek language defender. The site of the grave offers a breathtaking view to the Asia Minor coast. Going on a bit further, we come accross Myrsinidi Monastery and Mersinidi beach. Vrontados offers a lot of beaches close to town, organised and popular, such as Afanis Naftis, Velonas, Ormos Lo and Daskalopetra, as well as a variety of hotels and rooms, restaurants and cafes.
Η εκκλησια του Αγίου Ευστρατίου στα Θυμιανά της Χίου, εντυπωσιάζει τον επισκέπτης με το περίτεχνο βοτσαλοτό της.

Thymiana & Neochori

Thymiana is a big village, famous for the stone quarries that provide the reddish “Thymiana stone”, favorite building material all over Chios island. The visitor can admire this characteristic architectural feature at the church of the village, dedicated to “Agios Efstratios”, built in 1890. Beside the exquisite stone decorations, this church also has a very characteristic pebbled yard, very common  in the mansions of Kampos. The high walls of Kampos estates are built with this characteristic local red stone from Thymiana. At Thymiana village takes place the “Mostra Carnival” every year,  with public masquerades’ parades and traditional dances.  The traditional tavernas of the village serve excellent food, based on traditional greek and local cuisine.

Neochori consists of small stone houses and narrow alleys, around the central church, which is dedicated to the Entry of Virgin Mary into the Temple. Near the village, visit the famous “Agios Minas” monastery and the small church of “Agia Foteini”, on the way to the popular beach. Named after the church, “Agia Foteini”, or “Agia Fotia” beach, is one of the most popular organised beaches of Chios, with hotels, apartments and tavernas, with great view to the Aegean Sea. The village celebrates on August 12 when a traditional “panigyri” takes place.

Medieval settlements

( Anavatos, Avgonyma, Sidirounta )



The medieval settlement of Anavatos is a historic site of Chios island, connected to the 1822 massacre. Known as the “Mistras of the Aegean Sea”, it is built on a steep rock, and has only one access form the north side. It is well preserved, with two storey houses and stone walls. At the acropolis, where restoration works are in process, one can admire the impressive three storey building, which housed the oil press, the School and the church of the Archangel and Virgin Mary. The view from the top will reward you. Although Anavatos is essentially a ghost village, some people have restored the family houses, especially in the lower zone of the village. In the summer and in the weekends, the village kafeneio is open serving home made pastries and local dishes.

Το χωριό Αυγώνυμα στην Δυτική Χίο προσφέρει ένα από τα πιο εντυπωσιακά ηλιοβασιλέματα

Avgonyma & Sidirounta

Only 6 km from Anavatos, lies the picturesque medieval village of Avgonyma. It is known for the stone cubic shaped houses, the narrow alleys and the stone paved square. The view from the village is magical, as from the west side one can see the Aegean sea, and from the east the forest. At an only ten minute drive from the village, you can find the crystal clear Elinda beach. You can stay at the one of the traditional hotels or appartments of the village and try local dishes at the restaurants there.

Sidirounta lies at the northwest part of the island, at a 38 km distance from Chios town. It is built at a hilltop among pine and olive trees. As a traditional medieval settlement, Sidirounta too has stone built houses and narrow paved alleys. It is worth visiting, to enjoy one of the best sunsets on Chios island. It is also known for lovely secluded beaches, ideal for relaxation and dives in the crystal clear Aegean sea, like Makria Ammos, Tigani, Metochi and Prastia.
Το χωριό Καρυές στην κεντρική Χίο φημίζεται για τα τρεχούμενα κρυστάλλινα νερά του.


Karyes village is known for the monasteries of the area: Nea Moni, Agioi Pateres and Panagia Voitheia. Just outside town, built on the mountain it offers a wonderful view of Chios town and the east coast.

Don’t miss…

The churches of the village are dedicated to Agia Marcella and the Virgin. At Easter, it is worth attending the celebration of Zoodochos Pig, on the new Friday, after Easter.

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