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Opening hours:

From November 1 to April 30 Monday-Saturday 09: 00-13: 00, on Sunday closed.
From May 1 to October 30 Monday-Saturday 09: 00-14: 00. It also works on Sundays in August.
For groups it is possible after the necessary arrangements to open in the afternoon too.


Stefanou Tsouri st. 20, 82100 Chios (Map)


22710 44139


Concessionary ticket: 1,5€
The Chios Maritime Museum is the realisation of its founders – all members of important shipping families that have created the Chiot nautical miracle - old dream: to create an important house – museum for the Modern Greek maritime industry.

The Chios Maritime Museum is housed in a traditional mansion of the town centre, property of the late Anastasios and Marouko Patera. Their heirs donated the house to the Foundation of Anastasios and Marouko Patera.

The Chios Maritime Museum is the only cultural organisation in Chios dedicated to the island's maritime history. The people of Chios have a long contribution to maritime and commerce. The Museum’s basic aim is to present in the best way, this very important part of this island's life. It does so through the collection of objects and data connected to Chios maritime tradition, as well as to the evolution of maritime and commercial shipping in general. The museum also organises events and activities such as speeches and conferences with subjects related to Chios, maritime. It also pursues cooperation with other maritime museums of the Greek Archipelago. One of the core collections of the Museum was the small but highly important collection of the Progressive Cultural Association of Vrontados (PEKEV), which was enriched with donations and other exhibits, such as model ships and ships' parts.


The PEKEV collection includes portraits of sailboats and steam ships owned by Chios ship owners. The paintings are works of the Chiot painter Aristides Glykas (Vrontados, 1870 – 1940) who specialised in painting ships. The permanent collection also includes model ships and rare photographs of maritime life. There is a special section dedicated to the period after the Second World War, when the Liberty ships and other models that had been constructed during the war, became the basis for the rapid post-war development of the Greek shipping industry.

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