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South Chios beaches

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Παραλίες βόρειας Χίου

The south part of the island also offers plenty of choices regarding seasides: Starting from the popular beach of Agia Foteini (Agia Fotia) on the road to Kallimasia village, we reach Katarraktis village built on the waterfront with excellent fish taverns. Then there is Nenita, with two seasides, Gridia and Vokaria, Agios Yannis, Viri and Lilikas. Komi near Kalamoti village is a cosmopolitan seaside, another hot spot for young people and families. However, the first seaside that comes to mind when thinking of the south part is Mavra Volia beach, perhaps the most famous beach of Chios. The black pebbles, a result of volcanic activity in ancient times, high rocks and dark blue waters form an impressive scenery. Southeast of Mavra Volia, lies another impressive seaside, Vroulidia, with small pebbles and green waters and with a view to Venetiko islet.


Other worth visiting seasides near the medieval villages of the south are Avlonia, Avlonia, Kato Fana, την Agia Dynami, Karinda, Salagona, Didima Apothika,These are a bit remote, not very popular, but definitely worth a visit.

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