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Beach in South Chios

©Nikita Guidotti

Η παραλία την Αυλωνιάς στην Νότια Χίο


Beach type: Small pebbles
Depth: Normal
Amenities: Umbrellas, sunbeds and cantine
Access by road: Yes
Access by bus: No
Access on foot: No
Accessible for people with special needs: No
Offroad: Yes
Natural shade: No
Lifeguard: Yes
Sea activities: No
Near restaurant: No
Η παραλία την Αυλωνιάς στην Νότια Χίο


Avlonia beach is a few kilometres from Mesta village. It is a quite beach at a small cove, protected from winds, so normally there aren’t waves.

The road which leads to the sea is paved with asphalt and it starts before the junction that leads to Mesta.

The seaside has small pebbles, and crystal clear blue waters, making it a prefect destination for swimming and relaxation at the beach.

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