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Beach in North Chios
Τα εντυπωσιακά Λευκάθια στην Βόρειο Χίο


Beach type: Pebbles and sand
Depth: Normal
Amenities: Beach Bar, umbrellas and sunbeds
Access by road: Yes
Access by bus: No
Access on foot: No
Accessible for people with special needs: No
Offroad: No
Natural shade: Yes
Lifeguard: No
Sea activities: No
Near restaurant: Yes
Τα εντυπωσιακά Λευκάθια στην Βόρειο Χίο


Lefkathia, one of the most popular beaches, lies between the port of Limnia and Limnos beach, at a 2-kilometre-distance from the village of Volissos.

It is a small closed bay of exquisite beauty, between two small hills of the area.

A few years ago, the sculptor Kyriakos Rokos who was on holiday in the area inspired by the beauty of the beach sculpted a figure on one of the rocks.

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