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Beach in North Chios
Η παραλία του Μάναγρου στην Βόρεια Χίο


Beach type: Pebbles and sand
Depth: Normal
Amenities: -
Access by road: Yes
Access by bus: No
Access on foot: Yes
Accessible for people with special needs: No
Offroad: Yes
Natural shade: No
Lifeguard: No
Sea activities: No
Near restaurant: Yes
Η παραλία του Μάναγρου στην Βόρεια Χίο


One of the many beautiful seasides of Volissos, the village of Amani about 40 kilometres from Chios, is Managros. It is one of the longest beaches of the island, with a total area of 40.000 square metres.

The locals give different names to different parts of the beach, such as Magemena, Rodonas, Chori and Gonia. At Gonia, there is a beach bar with music, drinks and snacks, all day long. You also have the choice to rent an umbrella and deck chair.

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