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Chios Folk Music

Remarkably rich in history, culture and traditions, Chios also boasts an extremely diverse musical tradition, with special characteristics, varying from one part of the island to the other. As it happens in many other fields, like the natural landscape and architecture, the northern villages of Chios are quite different from the south, even in terms of folk music. With multiple musical influences, tracing back to the Ionian musical rhythms of antiquity and the musical legacy of the Byzantine Empire, but also reflecting the influence of the Latin conquerors and the folk musical tradition of Asia Minor and the Aegean islands, the folk music of Chios is worth discovering for the visitor. 


Mouth watering… roses!

The traditional spoon sweet of Agios Georgios Sykousis of Chios


Chios island, except of course for the natural Chios mastic, is also famous for the production of spoon sweets, small sweet treats consisting of one or two bites of fruit preserved in syrup and marmalades. This kind of sweets are made with very old traditional recipes, using sometimes unexpected materials. Except from fruits, flowers and vegetables are also very often used.


Chios island’s aromatic herbs

This time of the year the countryside of Chios island is full of wonderful aromatic herbs with incomparable aroma: fresh oregano, aromatic thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, sage, fragrant lavender and hypericum with its healing properties. The dry and mild Mediterranean climate, combined with the Aegean Sea breeze, is extremely favorable for these plant species, allowing them to grow especially rich in aromas and essential oils. Chios island presents a great variety in endemic species of aromatic plants and herbs encountered in the Aegean Sea, but also in the opposite Asia Minor coast.


Wine experiences in Northern Chios

Wine is a famous and remarkable Chios product since the ancient times. According to the Chian historian Theopompos, Oenopion, the son of God Dionysus, taught the people of Chios how to plant and cultivate vineyards and how to produce wine. The high quality wine produced here in the ancient times was known as “Ariousios Oenos”. The ships would transport and trade it in amphorae all over the known world. It was also famous during the roman and byzantine times.



8+2 facts that make Chios a unique island in the Aegean

Chios island, lying at the crossroads of East and West, with the islets Oinousses and Psara, is a trademark of authentic holiday destination.

  1. Α well preserved natural environment and a landscape with dramatic changes
  2. Αn extensive network of medieval villages, castles and watchtowers
  3. Α high quality of life based on the local culture (combination of the culture of mastiha, the maritime tradition and the locals’ cosmopolitan attitude)
  4. Remote secluded beaches with turquoise and green waters
  5. Hiking trails in mountainous, forest and agricultural areas
  6. Unique local products and excellent local cuisine
  7. Hospitable people
  8. A vibrant nightlife

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