Kato Fana beach: Relaxing in a quiet sandy beach Featured

Kato Fana beach is probably the most beautiful sandy beach of Chios and a favorite choice for those seeking peace and tranquility, even during the bustling days of August. Situated in the southwestern part of Chios, 6 km from Pyrgi (on the road to the village Olympi), it is a small bay, well protected from the Aegean winds, an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the waves, even on days when Northern winds wrinkle the other beaches of Chios. For this reason, in ancient times, the bay was used by sailors as a safe anchorage.

You can easily reach the beach, although a part of the route is dirt road. Near the beach you will find the ruins of the Temple of Apollo (in which important archaeological finds dating back to the 6th century BC were found and today they are stored in the Archaeological Museum of Chios) and a Christian church.

The beach is mostly sandy, with a little bit of pebbles, and shallow, ideal for families with young children. It is not organized with umbrellas and sun beds, but near the beach there are many trees that provide natural shade. As there is not a beach bar, you have to bring with you water, soft drinks and snacks. A good idea is to visit Pyrgi village for a coffee first and buy what you need, but if you don't want to waste time, you can stop at Armolia village on your way to the beach.


So get the supplies you need and don't worry about carrying them to the beach, since the parking space is very close to the beach. After all, the tranquility and the beauty of the beach, as well as the crystal clear waters, will make up for it.


Tip: For those who love fishing, the rocks at the edges of the beach make favorite fishing spot.


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