Delicious breakfast options at Chios Town Featured

“Eat like a king in the morning" the proverb advises, so we dedicate today's blogpost to breakfast options in the city of Chios.  Options have multiplied the last years and can meet all tastes and requirements.

The first option is the traditional Loukoumades (greek donuts). The local type of loukoumades is famous all over Greece. They are larger than usual, with a hole in the middle. The way they are made is very impressive: the "masters" of this dish create the hole with a quick hand movement. The locals love eating them, especially on a Sunday morning: they are fluffy and airy in the inside and crunchy and golden on the outside, and they are served traditionally with honey, but also with a chocolate topping. You will find shops serving loukoumades and the famous bougatsa (greek cream pie) along with ember Greek coffee at Chios port and near the Central Square.

For those who prefer American breakfast, we suggest they choose one of the cosmopolitan cafes of Chios port. There they will find eggs served in a variety of ways, pancakes, waffles and delicious sandwiches. Enjoy them along with an amazing sea view, accompanied by high quality hot or cold coffee.


If you still prefer something healthier, there are small coffee shops in the city serving delicious healthy breakfasts. Cereal bowls, avocado toasts, vegetable wraps and all sorts of juices and smoothies, often made with organic raw materials and served in picturesque courtyards and gardens. There you will relax and you will be filled with the energy you need to start your day.


Finally, for those looking to eat something on the go, there are many bakeries and pastry shops around the city of Chios (mainly at the Central Square and Aplotaria Street and the nearby streets), that offer great sweet and savory snacks.


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