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Thermal baths of Agiasmata, Chios

Agiasmata is a site in northern Chios, known for its thermal baths. The natural water from Agiasmata is also used in the production of mastic based cosmetics.

Thermal baths – prevention – healing – rehabilitation – wellness - revitalization

The natural water has a temperature of 57,5o C at the spring and is used for therapy of rheumatic diseases, and various other conditions.The springs are close to the beach and the peak season for a visit to the thermal baths is the summer. The baths are open from July until October.

The identity of the thermal water of Agiasmata is: Hyperthermal - metallic Cl - Na -Mi - Li - Sr - Br - F, hypertonic, weakly radioactive thermal water.

Period of operation: July – October
Opening hours: daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Every Monday, the Thermal Baths operate only for the bath's residents.
Telephone number: 22740 21979 

Five reasons why you should visit the thermal baths of Agiasmata in Chios/Greece

  1. The hot thermal water of Agiasmata benefits a number of diseases, such as:
    Rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, skin disorders, disorders of the nervous system, gynecological diseases, injuries - sprains - fractures, tendonitis and more.
    The use of hot thermal water gives health and wellness to everyone, regardless of age. In younger ages the hot thermal water helps
    • fight acne, while it
    • may also contribute to cure/relieve eczema and psoriasis, and even simple dry skin
  2. The thermal baths center operates this year under new management and new philosophy. Utmost principle of the new management is the best possible service as well as a comfortable and pleasant stay of the visitors in a specially designed rest and relaxation area. While you relax you can enjoy herbal teas and health juices prepared in our canteen.
  3. Agiasmata is an ideal place for thallassotherapy. The meltemia (north winds blowing in summer in the Aegean Sea) and the north winds in winter lead to strong waves that break up forcefully on the coast, thus generating clouds of suspended droplets of seawater to inhale.
  4. The cold mineral water of the spring, known as Lefkantria, is suitable for drinking therapy. It has a pleasant taste and is beneficial in digestion as in nephrolithiasis.
  5. During your stay at Agiasmata alongside your thermal baths, you can participate in a variety of activities, such as:
    • Walks in a network of more than 50 km. old trails on the slopes of the valley of Agiasmata,
    • Bathing in the sea,
    • Visits to local attractions, such as the antimony mines, the winery "Ariousios Wines", many monasteries and chapels, visits to surrounding villages with possible participation in cultural events they organize and more.

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