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Chios is an ideal destination for cycling, not only because of its size, but also because of the richness of the natural and cultural resources and the variety of itineraries it has to offer. Cycling has become increasingly popular over the past few years. As a result, groups and associations organize a variety of activities, such as relaxed cycling or even organized sports events.

There are three basic types of cycling in Chios: amateur cycling (cycling tourism), such as cycling in the town and the villages, race cycling and mountain biking, which is off the road cycling, in mountains and canyons.

Cycling Tourism

Cycling tourism in Chios offers the visitor a different experience, spending time near the nature and discovering the diverse sites of the island. Cycling gives us the chance to know different sides of Chios. Cycle around Chios town, in Kampos and in the villages to discover their hidden beauty.

Race cycling

Every year many sports cycling events are organized. The most important is the Chios Brevet event. It is one of the most important race cycling events in Greece. The race is challenging and a lot of experienced cyclists take part. The route of the race crosses the island and has a distance of 200 kilometers.

Mountain Biking

For mountain biking fans there is a variety of cycling routes, such as mt. Provatas, Nea Moni, Agioi Pateres, Anavatos, Retsinadika, mt. Pelinaio.

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