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Scuba diving is an activity that anyone can engage into, either a beginner or an experienced diver. According to the specialised on line magazine Chios island is one of the ten best places for diving in Europe, because of the rich underwater landscape with caves and colourful reefs and the exceptional clarity of waters.

There are many ways to get to know the underwater beauties of Chios:

  • You can take scuba diving classes for beginners. After a short introduction in theory, you will have the necessary information to dive is safety and enjoy the magic of the sea.
  • Daily snorkeling excursions are organized for inexperienced divers and those who would like to enjoy a day at the sea.
  • Diving programmes, offering equipment, boat and trainer, are available for experienced divers. For those who would like to get a diver's diploma, it is necessary to complete a course, which will enable them to dive in bigger depths.

There are a lot of interesting diving sites around Chios and the neighbouring islands, such as shipwrecks, caves and reefs, which can be approached by boat or from diving directly from the beach.

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