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Aegean Sea is a hidden paradise for the lovers of the deep blue sea, with ideal sailing conditions. Visitors from all over the world choose to travel around the Aegean in private or rented sailing boats. This way, they can organize their trip independently and have the chance to visit small islets and hidden bays, that they would not be able to approach otherwise.


Chios, Oinousses and Psara offer sea voyagers the necessary infrastructure and security since all over the islands there are numerous shelters, small ports and berths. As you sail around the islands you will come across sheltered bays, secluded and popular beaches. You will taste the local cuisine and get to know the picturesque villages, as well as the medieval watchtowers and castles that date back to the 11th century. Chios’s enchanting landscape, viewed from the sea, will charm you. 

You will find well-protected bays, beaches usually road inaccessible but also noisy cosmopolitan coasts, you will taste the local cuisine in seaside gastronomic corners, you will get to know the history of the island, you will be charmed by your constantly traveling village and its changing landscape. dozens of defensive fortresses (Vigles) and fortifications as early as the 11th century AD.

Through yachting visitors will gain a unique view of the islands and will experience a different way of life.


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Useful information: In order to sail, you need to have a skipper license or rent a sailing boat with a licensed skipper. Sailing boats offer full accommodation, with cabins, bathroom, and kitchen and are available at reasonable prices for rent, thus becoming a luxury available to everyone.

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