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Windsurfing & Kite Canoe – Kayak – SUP

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 Windsurfing & Kitesurfing 

The strong Aegean winds are the surfers' best friends. The island boasts many long beaches, ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can try windsurfing at Bella Vista, Velonas (Vrontados) and Agia Dynami. The community of Kitesurfers prefers Kontari beach.



Canoe – Kayak – SUP

Some other popular sea sports are sea canoe, sea kayak and Stand Up Paddleboat (SUP). In Chios you can find specialised agencies that offer these services, either by renting equippment, or by organising sea kayak excursions. Of course, if you happen to own the necessary equippment, then the beaches of Chios island are ideal for you to enjoy your favourite activity, as well as to explore the amazing coastline.


Canoe  Kayak  SUP 1
Canoe  Kayak  SUP 2
Canoe  Kayak  SUP 4
Canoe  Kayak  SUP 5
Canoe  Kayak  SUP 3
Canoe  Kayak  SUP 6

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