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"Myrovolos" (fragrant, sweet smelling) could be a second name of the island. Orchards’ blossoms, roses, rushes, thyme and hundreds little miracles of the local flora compose a divine melody of fragrances. The unique Kambos, known for its numerous mansions with their orchards ant its narrow little streets that form a labyrinth, which surrounds the estates, is the ideal destination for spring walks.

Easter in Chios

The religious and devoutly atmosphere prevails in every single of the innumerable churches, the Byzantine monasteries and the small chapels of the island. The celebrations are at their peak on the Resurrection Day. The prevailing custom of rouketopolemos (fireworks war) in Vrontados offers the visitor a spectacular view. This is one of the best vacation periods in Chios, where the visitor finds out what hospitality really means.


During spring, the Chian nature’s majesty emerges though the bright colors, the heady aromas and the strong tastes. From the wild tulips and flowers of March to the innumerable flowers and blossoms of May, the Chian earth generously offers the visitors its ineffable beauty and intrigues them to explore and enjoy it.

Sweet Life

The women of Chios make excellent “sweets of the spoon” (fruit preserves) with the great variety of fragrant fruits and blossoms produced in the orchards and the fields. The local doughnuts (loukoumades), the macaroons (amygdalota), the fragrant mastic sweet (hypovryhio), the dried figs, the pasteli (made with sesame, nuts and honey) and the refreshing soumada (a refreshment made from almonds) and vissinada (sour cherries juice) respectively constitute a distinctive gastronomic experience and leave the visitor with nostalgic and pleasant memories.

Carnival Festivities

Traditional customs, people in disguise (koudounati), jokes, and feasts with friends as well as all kinds of entertainment compose the Chios’ nightlife during the carnival period. What a better suggestion than visiting the medieval villages of the South and enjoying the old custom of Aga or visiting Thymiana and enjoying its famous mostra (carnival)! The whole island is a feast where traditional food and plenty of local wine are offered to the visitors.

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