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The climate of Chios remains mild during winter. The nature is friendly and quiet and the winder fruits are in great demand. The famous Chian tangerines with the unique aroma, the oranges, the bitter oranges, the citrons...

Traditional Villages

The famous medieval fortress settlement and the traditional villages of the North offer the visitors a different perspective for winter vacations. Accommodated in restored small houses, they can feel the Chian hospitality and live the daily “routine” of the village they choose to stay in. Wandering in the town of Chios can also become an experience during winter since the town’s architecture, its neo-classical buildings and its mansions catch the eye.

Christmas and New Year’s Day

Spread all over the island, the Byzantine churches and monasteries, the parish churches and chapels create the religious atmosphere for Christmas celebrations. In the villages, as well as in the town of Chios, Chora, the melody of the carols performed with the traditional instruments called “tramboukes”, the children that pass by the neighborhoods holding their handmade little boats and the delicious sweets and plates of those days complete the Christmas picture. The market of Chios – also known for its quality – is dressed for Christmas and the whole atmosphere becomes appealing and joyful.

"Korais" Library

This is one of the biggest and most remarkable libraries all over Greece. It is the perfect place for study and scientific research during winter. Apart from that, the visitor can also go and wander to its treasures.

Ecology and Winter Activities

In Chios the visitors have the chance to enjoy the mountains, especially during winter. They can go climbing, trekking, or even just watch and explore the mountainous nature of the island. This is another aspect of Chios in winter.

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