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There is a different aspect of the island in autumn. Summertime still goes on but there is also a chance for new experiences. The sea is still warm and the days still bright. The tables at Prokymea are still outside the coffee shops for an afternoon coffee or an evening drink.

A Cultural Place

Many significant cultural, scientific and artistic events take place every day, all year round. The Homerion Cultural Centre of the Municipality oh Chios, one of the most modern conference centers in Greece, is the cultural cradle of Chios where many conferences of international interest take place.

Tastes from the Chian Earth

The famous non-irrigated tomatoes (domatakia) and the aromatic plants are collected for the winter while the peddlers’ baskets in the market are full of tsikouda, those strange fruits with the peculiar taste. The famous local Ariousian wine starts to mature and the traditional distilleries produce the fragrant soume, the chian raki.

Quiet and Mystical

The unique variety of the plains, the birds’ populations in the gullies and the waterfronts, the remarkable caves of the North and the South make Chios a destination where it is worth living even for a few days.

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